18+ Photos showing the dark and frightening side of Mother Nature

The nature is incredible, every day it surprises us more by showing us its wonderful landscapes and its incredible flora and fauna that teach us how fortunate we are to inhabit this planet.

However, not everything in nature is so perfect, most of the time we see only how fascinating it is, but the truth is that it has a dark side that can sometimes be quite unpleasant and creepy, that’s why below We will show you some images that will make your hair stand on end and make you think twice about how beautiful it is.

1. A nest made with Lemmings piles built by an owl to protect their eggs, really frightening.

2. This plant called Clathrus archeri is known as ¨dedos del diablo¨ because of its unique figure.

3. Surely this snake never imagined that its food would escape from its body.

4. After lightning struck this tree, it burned from within.

5. This is how this fox was after having fallen to a frozen lake.

6. This fish has a denture very similar to that of humans, fascinating or outlandish?

7. A wasp nest built in a very scary way.

8. It is not a small snake but a caterpillar with a head very similar to that of a snake.

9. This peculiar living being is a sea worm from Antarctica, it can measure up to 20 centimeters.

10. This small floating island is made of thousands of red ants to avoid drowning.

11. This animal found the perfect place to build its nest, it is really chilling.

12. A wasp hive could not find a better place to build its honeycomb, what a fear!

13. This is what a reindeer looks like when it is losing the velvet of its horns.

14. When these flowers wither they are very similar to human skulls.

15. The exact moment where the Venus Flycatcher plant is feeding.

16. A wasp honeycomb built between wind pipes.

17. This unique fish called brownie shark is very similar to a human face do not you think?

18. This lizard has developed a fifth leg in its tail, something that is not looked at very often.


19. After the lava cooled, this cave took the form of the entrance to hell.

20. What you see coming out under the connector is honey, this is because behind the wall is a honeycomb.

21. This is what a cicada looks like after moving.

Definitely nature never tires of giving us surprises, do not you think? But this time they were terror. Do not forget the importance of taking care of her and respecting each living being. Let’s make this world a better place to live!


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