18+ Sculptures that defy the gravity law and you’ll have to look twice

Art has challenged the capabilities of man; your beliefs, prejudices and even the concepts of what we believe is possible.

Sculptures are one of the best examples of art as the artist creates tricks to deceive the human eye by putting logic in check.

That is why this time we bring you a collection of amazing sculptures that question the law of gravity and the laws of physics, making it clear that the capacity and creativity of man has no limits.

Surely with these images you will ask yourself, how the hell did they do it? Is this possible? but calm that it is not witchcraft but ingenuity and a great balance.

Next, we present you with the most impressive sculptures you have to know, these works of art are so amazing that you will surely have to see each image twice:

1. Coffee Kiss, Johnson Tsang

2. The force of nature, Lorenzo Quinn

3. The virgins of Apeldoorn, Elisabet Stienstra

4. Car Sculptures, Gerry Judah

5. Sculptures in Balance, Jerzy Kędziora

6. Abedo, Emil Alzamora

7. The Travelers, Bruno Catalano

8. Sculptures in Balance, Jerzy Kędziora

9. Pentateuque, Fabien Mérelle

10. Monte-Meubles, L’Ultime Déménagement, Leandro Erlich

11. Window With Ladder / Too Late To Help, Leandro Erlich

12. Get Up And Recover The Composure, Alex Chinneck

13. Trans Ī Re, Fredrik Raddum

14. Wurf Vi, Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk

15. De Vaartkapoen, Tom Frantzen

16. Stone balance, Adrian Gray

17. Take my thunderbolt but do not steal my thunder, Alex Chinneck

18. Suspended, Menashe Kadishman


19. Hyperrealist illusions carved in wood, Tom Eckert

20. Floating Stone, Smaban Abbas

21. Car On Lamppost, Benedetto Bufalino

22. Wire Fairies, Robin Wight

23. Book Sculptures, Alicia Martin

24. Wursa, Daniel Firman

These majestic and impressive sculptures not only show us the talent of the artist but also the creativity to perform something that calls into question the law of gravity.


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