20+ Incredible photos that show that you are a grain of sand in this world

In general, the human being immerses himself in his problems and does not care what happens around him. His sense of being the only important one on Earth, ignores everything else in it. It fills with prolbemas and it looks for solution, even when it thinks that these are enormous, but if only it left to the outer world and observed everything carefully, would realize that in comparison with the problems that afflict the planet, his are not nothing.

Immediately disappear his arrogance and with it the exaggerated concern of their little problems.

Below we will show you 20 majestic photos that will prove that we are only a point of sand in the middle of nature:
The Abika waterfall, Oregon, USA.

On the top of the world.

On the crest of a wave of sand.

Isle of Skye in the archipelago of the West Isles of Scotland.

Lighthouse House … Would you live here?

Ice house made by nature.

Arches National Park, Utah, United States.

This is to reach the end of the world, majestic!

Masfield, in the Victorian Alps, Australia.

Troll tongue, stone edge on Mount Scieggedal, in Norway.

This tree is so strong that it can hold hundreds of people in its branches.

Sheltered by the forest.

Would you live in this house in the middle of the forest with everything paid, however, without internet for 30 days?

Dolomites, Italy.

Bedland in Death Valley National Park, California, United States.

A beautiful sunrise.

Mountains of the Giants, Poland.

Beautiful panorama that Iceland gives us.

Would you live in this tree house?


Shelter Cove, California, United States.

Amazing frozen waterfall in South Tyrol-Italy.

Towards a fairy tale.

Many times we get lost in routine, work, the thousands of occupations that we have during the day and we forget to enjoy and admire those beautiful gifts that nature gives us, in exchange it only asks us to take care of it. doing?


Nature not only gives us visual beauty but also peace, positive energy and vitality. Why the greed of the human being can more and we take care of destroying it with our own hands?

The worst thing is that we did not finish realizing that sooner or later everything comes back and in the last months nature has not been very happy with us.

To feel part of this, it is essential to find a way to explore it, know new places, connect with it and value all the benefits it brings.

And you, how do you spend your time with nature? What do you do to take care of the environment?

Let’s make a call with our family and friends to take care of the beautiful surroundings that surround us, do not forget to share this amazing gallery. Keep supporting our page with a like and we wait for your comments.

Consulted source: Mysteries


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