At Venezuela zoo, animals are in danger of extinction die of hunger

The terrifying image of two cougars with signs of malnutrition and with their skin attached to the bones, has attracted the attention of the entire world, especially because of the situation that several zoos in Venezuela are going through, many of these animals (some species in danger of extinction) are dying of hunger due to the critical situation in which the country is located.

Every week they sacrifice some goats, pigs and ducks to feed these animals, especially in the metropolitan zoo of Zulia, which is closed since February to the general public, after revealing the grave situation it is going through.

Among the animals in captivity are African lions, Bengal tigers, jaguars, wild cats and birds of prey, these animals suffer from severe malnutrition, one of the most affected is the puma since it is extremely serious, fortunately they were rescued from traffic of animals that occurs in the country. At the moment they are being medicated and are still in a serious state of health.

A condor couple from the Andes has also been evacuated from the area, because they had spent weeks without eating properly, in order to participate in a plan to reproduce and save this endangered species. This is one of the largest and heaviest flying birds in the world and unfortunately is in danger of extinction due to hunting and excessive use of agrochemicals, at present there are very few specimens of this species.

Difficult challenges have been presented especially for big cats since they need to feed between 8 and 10 percent of their weight on meat in order to survive.

In recent years, some union leaders have reported that many of these animals are in a situation of food shortages and unfortunately this happens in several zoos in the country.

Earlier this year some workers at the Park Zoo Metropolitan Zoo in Maracaibo reported that the administrators have requested to sacrifice the most harmed animals to use them as food for other animals.

According to the director of the metropolitan zoo, Elio Ríos, who commented during an interview that when an animal is sacrificed, its meat is used to feed other animals and unfortunately this happens very often in Venezuelan zoos.

The situation in Venezuela is very unfavorable, according to a recent survey, two thirds of Venezuelans have lost more than 5 kilos due to the shortage of food that plagues the country. Due to the crisis that the country is going through, the government has delivered food baskets with the intention of helping the population, but unfortunately these only reach 12.6 million inhabitants, this means that only a third of the population is helped.

Some celebrities and religious groups are committed to helping zoo animals and people affected by this food crisis.

The country is also going through a drug crisis, in addition to hyperinflation that could reach 13,000%.

According to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, the shortage of food is the fault of the economic war led by the adversaries who receive aid from Washington.

In past years the government denied that some animals had died of hunger, even commented that many of these were treated as a member of the family despite evidence to the contrary.


Unfortunately the crisis that is facing the country is affecting the entire nation and no one is saved from it, not even the animals, we can only hope and hope that this will end soon, although if it were possible to provide help, it would be much better.

What do you think about the lamentable crisis the country is going through? Give us your opinion about it and spread with others. Let us be the voice of this country that needs everyone’s help today more than ever!

Consulted source: Elpais / unilad / CNN


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