Chaudhary, who was hitting, was found dead

Asar, 29. Udaipur Trigua N.P. District Udaipur Trigua N.P. During the time of searching for missing from Susilkanta Chaudhary on September 2, 08.30 pm. Chaudhary, founder of the deceased, was found dead in the garden of the river Kang, according to his father Jhaguru Chaudhary, who was missing from the house from Chaudhary on 30th of the year, and was found in search of the case today. Information is provided, 1 km from Jogidah police station said. Chief Bhatt also informed that Chaudhary was found dead at the Aadhaas, where he was found dead from the Upposep of Uttar Pradesh, Khatgai and other research teams.


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