Do you have these pimples on your arm? See why they come out and how to disappear them

If you are one of the people who have pimples or little arms in their arms, but you have never given importance to think that maybe they are temporary or that it is a natural matter of your body and therefore you have never set out to investigate the reason why you have left, maybe this information may seem interesting and can help you eliminate them if you wish.

Studies show that these grains sprout in the arms of people who are intolerant to gluten, it should be noted that it is not acne, nor are they linked to any allergy. This phenomenon occurs in people who are celiac, women tend to be more prone to it. In some cases there may also be excess keratin and is known as Keratosis pilaris and that is why always consult a dermatologist.

A person intolerant to gluten is one that by consuming foods derived from wheat, all kinds of bread, flour, cookies and cereals such as oats, rye, barley, among others, is more prone to these granites appear in their arms .

These pimples, believe it or not, bring with them some negative effects on your body.

The symptoms produced by the gluten intolerance that cause these balls to sprout in your arms, are the following:

– Fibromyalgia. There is pain in your tendons and muscles, the pains become severe with the passage of time.

– Irritated skin. You feel a reaction of pain, inflammation, itching or dry skin and of course, the annoying pimples.

-Mare. Something very annoying for those allergic people after consuming any food with gluten, is the constant dizziness and imbalance.

– Humor changes. In most of the time you are ill-tempered, restless or anxious and have no idea why.

– Stomach ache. One of the most obvious symptoms after eating a food that contains gluten is this, otherwise it is pain, it could be discomfort like swelling.

– Chronic migraine. After you have consumed a food containing gluten you start to feel a strong headache or stinging.

These are the most common symptoms for those who are intolerant to gluten, maybe you suffer one of these symptoms, if so it is best to visit your doctor to help you prevent this allergy and treat it with a healthy and balanced diet.

To know very well the foods that you are consuming is essential to avoid a negative effect if you are intolerant to gluten, therefore we will mention some foods that you should avoid:

– All kinds of flours, bread, pasta, cookies and cakes.

-Products derived from wheat.

– Concentrated soup cubes.

– Sweets and candies.

– Rice and french fries.


– Dairy products and derivatives.

Take care of your diet! It is difficult because the food is always the order of the day but remember that the most important thing is your health. Spread the word with the people who have these pimples.

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