Emotional moment 2-year-old blind girl finally sees her mother for the first time

2-year-old Nicolly Pereira knew that her mother loves her very much and her mother made it very clear when she stroked her light brown hair and hugged her. It is just that she had never seen or heard her mother since she was born.
The deaf and blind toddler from Brazil suffered from pediatric glaucoma just shortly after she was born.
While eye pressure in children is normally 10 to 20, Nicolly’s was at staggering 50. Sadly, the doctors confirmed that she could not even see light.
Since Nicolly was a newborn, she could only communicate with her mother through touching and hugging.
However, Nicolly’s mother did not give up. Daiana Pereira believed that her daughter would see and hear her eventually.
Nicolly had gone through seven surgeries to fix her medical conditions but they were unsuccessful.
Later, Daiana posted a story about Nicolly on her Facebook and in a nick of time, her story went viral. Soon, a concerned person contacted the Jackson Health Foundation’s International Kids Fund (Wonderfund), which partnered with the Kevin Garcia Foundation to help Nicolly.
The organisations later managed to raise US$ 17,000 for Nicolly’s surgery at Bascom Palmer. Later, Nicolly underwent a three-hour surgery to restore her sight
Luckily, the eight surgery was successful! Nicolly’s eye pressure decreased from 50 to 12


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