He was proclaimed as the most beautiful man in the world! – Look how it looks now.

Long ago the networks were flooded with the news that Saudi Arabia had expelled Omar Borkan to be considered “too attractive” because they all argued that it was a great distraction for local women and an annoyance for all men.

This news seems a bad joke but it is true. After that the young man was in a host of magazines and news, it seems that this brought him fame and popularity, many argue that they actually did him a favor by being expelled.

After being kicked out of Saudi Arabia, he moved to live in Dubai, currently not only working as a model but also as an artist and photographer. In addition, the place had prepared a great surprise: find the woman of his life.

After a beautiful relationship, he married the designer, who is the daughter of a powerful and multimillionaire man.

Although many women did not agree with the union arguing that she was not so pretty for him, he ignored all the comments and they are very happy and in love in social networks.

After a while the news that they would be parents was announced.

He constantly shares photos on his Instagram account of how happy he is with his family, especially he is always very happy with his first-born son.

The little one inherited all the attractiveness of his father, as many claim because he usually does not share photographs where the face of his son is shown but surely when he grows he will steal as many hearts as Omar.

We think that this child is very lucky because both parents are beautiful, do not you think?

Do you agree with the title that this man received? Do you think it is an exaggeration that he has been expelled from his country for that reason?


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