Identical twins born in 2007, they grew and were proclaimed as “the most beautiful in the entire world”.

The twins Leah and Ava rose to fame after their mother, Jaqi Clements published on their Instagram account a photograph of them in 2007, the year in which this beautiful pair was born.

Leah Rose and Ava Marie are identical twins born on July 7, 2007 in California. Her mother decided to show them off in her networks and immediately received a host of very flattering comments because the beauty of the small ones is indisputable.

When they were only six months old, Jaqi made a contract with a modeling agency, making the twins more famous, however, the road became difficult because she also had a two-year-old child, life became very hectic for the family and decided that it was not the best time for the twins to be in the middle.

Two years after Jaqi gave birth to her first child, she and her husband decided that they wanted a bigger family, so she got pregnant again and to her surprise she had twins, the most incredible thing is that they would be identical according to the doctors. The birth of the small ones was on July 7, 2007.

Despite incursionarlas from very small in the middle for the great beauty of this duo, it was until they were 7 years that they became more famous in Instagram, his mother had no idea that the profile that had created them would be viral . Quickly the twins became all stars and several modeling agencies contacted Jaqi to make tempting proposals.

The twins were seven years old and her brother was nine, so Jaqi decided it was good to try again with an agency.

The proud mother confesses to be very believer of everything related to luck and firmly believes that the 7 attracts her strongly. So he thought it would be a very exciting and brilliant year for his beautiful daughters.

Below we show you the first photograph shared by Jaqi that triggered several proposals:

“I talked to the twins about the proposals that seemed most interesting to them, in addition to the swimming practices and dance classes, I thought it was attractive to try modeling, the idea enchanted them,” said the twins’ mother.

As the days passed, Jaqi noticed that there were more followers in the account of his daughters, all the comments were very good and positive, there were even those who came to name them as “the most beautiful twins in the world”.

Leah and Ava now have contracts with two modeling agencies and more than 200 thousand followers in their instagram account, not to mention that they have appeared in several magazines and six television commercials, all this at just ten years of age. But that’s not all, because Chase Robert, older brother of the beautiful pair, has also been signed by the same agencies that they and have many projects on the door.

Surely the Clements brothers await a bright future, we only hope that their parents do not forget that they are children and that as such they have the right to a beautiful childhood, do not you think?


What’s your opinion about it? Do you think they are the most beautiful identical twins in the world?


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