See how the ‘girl ball’ looks after 10 years – As a girl she was abandoned but today she is a millionaire

Its history caused great controversy and indignation since it was left by its parents when it was born because it did not have legs. Now it is for many a great example of overcoming, strength and courage. Little Qian Hongyan never gave up and continues trying to lead a life as close to normality.

After being abandoned by her biological parents, a couple adopted her, however, they did not have enough money to buy special prostheses so that she could walk, so her grandfather, with all his love and creativity, did what was at his Reach, cut an old basketball and with two wooden handles, taught his granddaughter to move.

Many called her “Basketball Girl” (basketball girl). This little girl originally from the province of Yunnan, has received since her adoption, much love, care and support from her adoptive family. Once images about her were viralized and people began making donations to the family, so it was possible for Qian to travel to Beijing in 2007, to receive special prostheses with which he could walk.

After a while, the little girl commented how much she longed to be an athlete and her perseverance led her to be National Champion of the National Paralympic Games in 2009, in addition to having won several medals before. So much effort paid off and now this beautiful girl is a millionaire.

There is no doubt about how much effort, tenacity, passion and discipline she has made and although Qian confesses that it was not easy for her to learn to use the prosthesis or move in the water, she did not give up until she finally got it . Definitely “love is power”.

In 2014, the girl was once again the news when she won the Paralympic Games again. She also says that as long as possible, she will continue to be successful.

Qian have become a great example of overcoming, especially for those who suffer from a disability, despite having been rejected by their biological parents, living in poverty and going through a myriad of difficulties, the young woman never she surrendered and now she is a winner, a true inspiration for the whole world. After many years they could make him a prototype of legs and look very beautiful.

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