The first twins of the planet with different skin color are already adults – Look how they look today

The emotion that a woman feels when receiving the news that she will be a mother and that she has wanted for a long time, is something indescribable, she reacts in a thousand ways and feels very lucky for such a beautiful gift that life has given.

In her case, Donna Aylmer jumped, cried and shouted of joy when the doctor told her that it was not one but two babies who were coming.

And when the big day finally arrived, she never imagined what she would look at but it was something that left her speechless.

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Her twins were completely different, one Lucy called her, had white skin, blue eyes and red hair, while Maria, her other twin, was dark skin, brown eyes and curly hair.

Everyone wondered how could they be twins?

The family did not believe what they were watching because the twins were very beautiful but very different, they did not look like anything at all. Even Donna, his mother, was shocked, however, there was an explanation for it.

Donna is half British and Jamaican and the father is also British. The small ones are twins, this means that two different ovules were fertilized by different sperm. Speaking genetically, Donna has genes with clear and dark features, which is why one of the twins has light skin and the other dark.

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The different skin tones caused the twins to receive constant teasing in their childhood, especially Lucy who by her skin tone received the nickname of “fantasy” or “gape”, in addition, the children thought it was adopted. On the other hand, Maria also suffered from wanting to look more like Lucy, at night she used to cry because she wanted to have Lucy’s red hair and not the curls she had.

Currently they continue to be as different as when they were born, even their personalities are totally different. While Lucy is very reserved and passionate about art, Maria is more outgoing and loves fashion.

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And although the twins are opposite poles, they are very close, in addition to sisters they are best friends. Over time they have learned to love themselves with everything and their differences, now they feel proud of what they are.

Although things have not changed at all, Maria continues to admire her sister and wishes that when she has children, at least one resembles Lucy.

These twins also do not dress the same but there is something in which they are similar: in the beautiful smile they always carry. It is amazing how much they have grown and how beautiful they are.

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In the following video you can see how they look now:

We hope that both achieve their goals and obtain the bright future they deserve and desire.


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