When you see CLOTHES on the windshield of your AUTO – Do not touch it for any reason

There is no doubt about the ingenuity of criminals and that is why every new strategy they use to harm others, it is good to let them know until one day they end up running out of resources (something that may not happen while there are people without jobs or benefit).

The novelty now is to leave ¨clothes¨ on the windshield wiper.

A woman left her work late and was heading to the parking lot but when she got to her car she noticed that there was something placed on it that did not belong to her.

A shirt that covered much of the front panoramic glass was entangled in the windshield wiper. Without wasting time he got into his car and did not take off his shirt because he knew that things were not going well and had to leave the place as soon as possible.

While driving, she realized that they were following her but she did not stop until she reached a place where there were many people to feel safe. He activated the windshield wiper so that the shirt would come off but it was impossible because it was secure.

She decided to call the police when she arrived home because she feared that those who followed her would have arrived at her home. The agents informed him that it was a new method of robbery, because when people looked at some garment tied to his car, he took the time to untie it, thus giving the criminals the opportunity to intercept and assault them. Several cases have been presented in the following countries: United States, Mexico, Argentina and Spain.

The girl was a couple of days under surveillance but decided to make public his story so that no one falls into the trap of criminals. It is important to know how to act in different situations and remember that every second counts.

Our recommendation is that if you find something strange in your car, do not take the time to find out anything! Immediately enter it and drive to a safe place. Call the police immediately and try to stay calm when you drive. Beware!


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